30th November 2010 & we i.e. Rolling Wheels Bikers Club, a Motorcycle Touring Club of Kolkatawere riding our way back to Siliguri. We left from Chitwan at 7.00Am in the morning to reach Pathlaiya in the afternoon where we had our lunch. (Refer to our Tour of Nepal 2010)

After our lunch comprising of the ‘like it or not, mandatory Gobi’, we started for Siliguri via Kakkarvita. Total distance estimated to be 450km approx.

The road to Kakkarvita seemed beautiful with dense forests in both sides & the smooth tarmac. It is Pleasant in daytime & biting cold in late evening. We had to endure both since we had started late after lunch. Exactly at 8.50 pm we reached Nepal border & customs office & crossed into Indian Territory with a sense of triumph & glory.