‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ organizes minimum 1 long distance tour annually, apart from various trips & short rides all round the year. During these rides, the route covers various sections of India. Rolling Wheels Bikers Club welcomes sponsorship for these rides. Sponsorship helps us to plan and execute bigger and better rides in future, supporting social and noble causes.

Sponsor’s Benefit :

  • Bikers of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ will don the Sponsor’s LOGO on the Riding gear, Helmets and Caps throughout the ride.
  • The sponsor’s will receive attention in the Media covering the rides of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ in different states of India.
  • The Sponsor’s will also benefit by having banner space on the website of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’. The website is daily visited by a large number of viewers from different parts of the world.
  • The sponsor’s not only fuel the passion of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’, but also support the cause, theme and objective of each ride for e.g.:

Tour 2005 objective was to promote & encourage Tourism in the Kashmir Valley.

Tour 2006 objective was an all time record setting ride to Nathu-La, Sikkim to promote bilateral trade relation between India and China.

Tour 2007 objective was to promote ‘Save Tree, Save Life’ campaign in North Bengal & Sikkim.

Tour 2008 objective was to promote ‘Child Literacy’ program in Nepal.

Tour 2009 objective was to promote ‘Say No to drugs’ campaign in Orissa.

Tour 2010 objective was to promote Tourism in Politically & Financially exhausted Nepal.

Tour 2011 objective was to Re-Promote Tourism in Ladakh after the massive destruction by the flash flood in 2010.

Tour 2012 objective was to visit the interior rural parts of Sikkim, showcasing their lifestyle & culture.

 Previous Media Covered Rides :

  • The Tour in 2005, from Kolkata to Jammu & Kashmir, covered 7 states of India for 25 days with Six bikers.

Newspaper coverage :

Hindustan Times

  • The Tour in 2006 from Kolkata to Nathu la, the Indo-China Border, including North Sikkim, West Sikkim & South Sikkim, for 11 days with 6 bikers.

Television Coverage :

Star Ananda

Akash Bangla.

Newspaper coverage :

Hindustan Times


  • The Tour in 2011 from Kolkata to Himachal Pradesh & Jammu & Kashmir including Khardung-la (The Worlds Highest Motorable Road), covered 7 states of India for 32 days with 7 bikers & 2 Film-Makers from Mahuaa Khobor.

Television Coverage :

Mahuaa Khobor: An 11 Episode Travel documentary in Serial format, “DU CHAKAY LADAKH”.

Mahuaa Bangla: An one hour Travel documentary in Movie format, “DU CHAKAY LADAKH”.