Membership Details

‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ is open to all Guys & Girls who dreams of Motorcycle Traveling, Adventure riding and wants to interact with the like-minded.

On becoming a member of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’, you are free to participate in ongoing discussions and ride planning.

Members who do not contribute to the progress of the club or just join the club to gather information and not share it with others are Removed from time to time.. Also passive/dormant/inactive members are removed from time to time.

‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ is a Open Biker’s forum. No brand of bike is emphasized. However, Motorcycles over 150c.c. are preferred.

Before you apply for membership with us, kindly read the FAQ below which will give you an insight about us and how we function.

Membership FAQ

Does ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ charge membership/registration fees?

Yes. The registration fees (Once only) is Rs.500.00 and the membership fees is Rs.100.00 per month at ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’. The revenue is spent for the development of the club.

Does ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ charge its members to participate in the club rides?

No. The Members are required to pay for their own expenses (Fuel, fooding/lodging, etc).

What are the requirements to join a ride of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’?

First, you have to be a member of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ with any bike over 150c.c. with Clear Papers. Secondly, you have to co-ordinate with the tour captain and the fellow riders for the details of the ride. In short, you have to be a Team man.

What kind of bikers does ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ want?

We are looking for Male & Female Bikers who like to travel long distance on their bikes and who also actively participate in club activities.

Where does the rides of ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’ co-ordinate from?

Presently member interaction and rides co-ordinate from Club & Online Orkut/Facebook community “Rolling Wheels – Bikers Club

I have a bike less than 150c.c. Can I join ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’?

Yes, we have made exceptions in some cases. But these cases are dealt with on a one-to-one basis. But for the kind of rides we go on, anything above 125cc is required for you to join. Again, an exception will only be made if your spirit for travel is found above the make of machines. It is very rare that we will accept members having bikes below 150cc.

I am outside India, don’t have a bike but plan to travel India on a bike soon, can I join ‘Rolling Wheels Bikers Club’?

Yes, you can. We would be happy to assist you on your travel plans and route.

I drive a car, can I join?

Yes, you can. There can be rides, where members can ride in cars, which will also be used as back-up vehicles. But we are very selective in this category; only die-hard travelers who cannot ride a bike for any specific reason will be accepted.