Digging deep into the time aka History:

By 1,500 BC people lived in Bhutan by herding animals. The in the 7th century AD Buddhism was introduced into Bhutan. In the 8th century an Indian named Padmasambhava did much to encourage the spread of Buddhism in Bhutan. Ever since Buddhism has been an integral part of the culture of Bhutan.However for centuries the people of Bhutan were disunited. Then in 1616 Ngawang Namayal became spiritual leader of Bhutan. He took the title Zhabdrung Rinpoche. Under him Bhutan became a united country. In the year 1999 by introducing Satellite Tv and in 2005 unveiling a new constitution and also in 2008 after a democratic election for parliament Bhutan became a democratic country. Today Bhutan is an overwhelmingly agricultural country, and hub of cottage industry.


It’ was like a war going on inside my mind, have to pack all the baggage, have to go to bank, buy few stuff and all has to be done before the sun set. Don’t know what to do first and what next. Super excited and tensed also as this is my first ride in Himalaya. Any way after lots of confusion, excitement and in expense of gallons of adrenalin, was able to pack my bags and tied it up on my Trex. As our beloved senior suggested and as far as I know with lil experience that we have to take a sound sleep for few hours as we are planning to cover a distance of 450km tomorrow. Before going to sleep just went to see my Trex, she was looking beautiful with full bags and all. She is gone be the soul partner of my first motorcycle tour. Just by looking at her I murmured “don’t you worry!! You take care of me…and I will take care of you”. Now it’s time for the hard thing to do… A good night sleep!  After a fierce battle between my adrenaline and my tiredness, tiredness won and I fall asleep.

Day 1:

Just wake up few crows with the Brooome of my TREX, its 4 A.M, have to start my journey from home to the meeting point.

It took me an hour to reach Jessore road and Belgharia exp way connector. Morning Kolkata with less traffic and more oxygen is worth to ride. Anyway, I reached earlier. One by one Subhendu, Sanjay both arrived along with Ravan Da, Bobo, Sanjay Da, Kisholoy Da and many brothers. We had started our journey at around 6:30 in the morning for the destination in mind Raigaunj.  Bijit  Da joined us from Boro Jagulia more on NH34. First halt was at Fulia . Ankan Da was waiting there at some special Dhaba of his bro’s. We had our special breakfast there. From there with best wishes of our big brothers (better call them brothers than seniors cause it sound close to heart!!) and with few golden suggestion about sleep, food and water we had started our journey all along. Four members Bijit Da with his vast experience in lead along with his Unicorn, me with my Trex second, Subhendu with his Terminator 125 third and finally the Marshall of Rally Sanjay with his Pulser  was on tail. The less dense the locality around the highway gets the more started to feel ourselves together. Dev da meet us at Krishna Nagar bus stand.  After a short break we started again. And then we started all along ride together. The French Dakar International rally standard off road had started just after Bethuadohori. First it was ok, but as soon as the Sun stated to shining bright we started to feel the romance of the road by inhaling the dust. We stopped in between from refreshments but as per plan we reached Beherampur for lunch. We take a break of almost 2 hrs there and then started for malda hopping that the rest will help us to get over the sleep. But it strikes back once we started to take the better part of the highway. Bijit Da and me both were feeling sleepy. So we had a 10min break in between. By time of Sunset we crossed the famous Farakka barrage. It was a breadth taking scenario,the golden sun on the west,the ganga aka Paddma flowing towars the west and specially the air smooth to breadth, and then thedisaster strike. The first tyre puncher of our tour and fortunately the last one. Bijit da was the victim. The tube was badly damaged so he was forced to buy one from the local Kaliyachowk market. After avoiding a long traffic of truck by off the road riding we reached Malda town by 8. There at some known garage of Bijit Da, Sanjay, subhendu and Bijit Da himself all clear some small maintenance work.  And after half an hour wasting on indecision of to go or stay, we finally started for Raigaunj. The 75 km journey on NH34 we cannot forget ever. It was pitching dark, no lights, unfinished highway less vehicles and we were riding on that with no intention to stop at any cost. Bijit Da and I were equipped with extra lights. Sanjay was having some problem with lights so Subhendu decided to take the tail position, so that his extra lights can help Sanjay to see too.

The road was so horrible at some places I literally fly with my bike, so did the others. I was very much lucky that I was able to come out alive from a tricky situation where I was stuck in between two trucks at high speed in opposite directions due to a man size creator I should mention. Anyway we reached raiganj by 10:30pm but we roam around the city for an hour before we find our Hotel. We checked in around 11:30pm had our dinner with whatever available and jumped onto our beds. No talking needs sleep. Good Night. IMG_20150411_153134346_HDR

Sleepy Selfi near Farakka


SunSet Near Kaliyachowk

Day 2:

As I always do, woke up early, take a small ride in locality. The less polluted fresh air and mile long rice field by the side of highway charged my soul at the fullest. We start our Journey by 9 in the morning, day’s destination Jaigaun. It’s near about 300 km ride. It was a pleasant, warm but refreshing ride. Before noon we reached Dalkhola Railway crossing and trust me, it the convoy of truck we saw and crossed there, if the ancient mariner would have witnessed that he would have quoted” TRUCKS TRUCKS EVERYWHERE NOT AN INCH TO RIDE!!” .jokes apart ,it took us almost an hour with football’s dribbling skill to cross that. And being tired by the traffic by that are we decided to have our breakfast   near the junction of NH31. We were bit relax there and was wasting a little extra time to have our food, but then we got a call from our beloved Bhaskar Jethu. He told us that he is coming to Siliguri to receive us. And he will be reaching there in an hour. It was like lightning strike to us, because we have to cross about 120-140 km to meet him in an hour, and as the experience we have of NH34, we have no emotion left but to smile and look at each other. But Bijit da was not concern, and we came to know about that in few min. We started as soon as possible and as few head along towards the destination we realised why Bijit Da was not concern. This is not a highway its actually a Runway.  I never ride like this; I don’t think Subhendu or Sanjay Either. We ride above the speed of 80kmph together in our standard formation and was able to meet bhaskar jethu almost on time.  Bhaskar Jethu a 60+ old veteran motorcycle rider was very happy to see us. He give us many usefull tips and confidence to ride on mountain coz except bijit da its the first time for we 3, as I mention earlier. Then the veteran as a lead followed by us we start our journey towards Jaigaun. we bypass the Siliguri town and in no time reached near the Coronation bridge on Tista River. Its was like full adrinalin rush for us,as we finally having the taste of riding on hill. A one liner of Bhaskar jethu help us to cross the mountain and this was the test run. At Coronation bridge and at a view point we spent a little time to celebrate our small achievement and click some beauty of nature.

Tista River is leaving Himalaya and flowing towards the plane land there.The deep blue water, Green Mountain and clear sky the scenario is unexplainable. Though we been to this mountain so many times but view from helmet is something extra. I am sorry I can‘t express it in words. But we have to leave,so we did and the rod start to decent in the dense Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.  Pin drop silence around expect our Bike’s sound. We were planning to stop and feel the sound of silence but as it was already 3pm, we had to move on. We reached Damdim ,a small market town by 3 pm. We had our special lunch there, complimented by Bhaskar jethu and start our journey towards Jaigaun.

The road from Damdim towards Jaigaun was filled with either dense forest, Himalaya on one side forest and river on other side of the road,over all was like a road from any fairy tale movies. At one point we realised that we were accompanied by a Goods train which was moving like a snake along with us at the bottom of the mountain on our left side. It bid us Good bye at a rail road crossing in the middle of seems nowhere and vanished in the turns of track in the forest at the bottom a mountain. Near about 6:30 we reached Birpara,the Home town of our veteran and decided to call for the day. The night there was also memorable as we felt the presence of a fierce storm there. Though we were safe but the sound of wind and door/windows banging will eco in our mind for a long time. The day was completed with the sound of silence from the jungle and the sound of power from the storm. It’s almost 2 amIMG_20150412_084134309_HDR

Good Morning Raiganj


Near a check post, a little away from Siliguri


Coronation bridge view point @sevok with the very Special Bhaskar Da.


A delicious special Lunch @Damdim ..a special gift from Bhaskar Da



Day 3:

The morning started a little late and we face the consequence for that. Started from Birpara near 9 am jaigaun is just 40 km away, through the beautiful tea gardens in Hasimara and after few kilometre we were able to see the foots of the Great Himalaya once more. Yes bros we are going there to conquer that part. Near Hasimara railway Station we had a funny incident of skidding with Bijit Da, which became a key to tease Bijit da for rest of the tour. Anyway We enter Phuntshelong,Bhutan by 10. After a tremendous running Around for document verification by Sanjay,helped by us. We received the permit for US and Our Ride by 1.  Sanjay has done a tremendous job to make it as early as possible. After receiving it we get even more confused,coz Thimpu was near about 180 km away. So we decided to have our Lunch,sit and decide . at Lunch we had Koka,the Bhutanese version of noodles and decided to move to Gedu, Just 50 Km away from here. Gedu is town consist of many School,colleges.  People from Indian also go there to teach. So we decided to Move on.  We had our evening tea just few kilometres away from Gedu in a roadside Bhutanese tea stall kind of thing. From there we came to know about a Guest house. Here also Sanjay take the lead and arranged rooms for us. We were very much tired mentally then. Its because Phuntshelong to Gedu this 50 km ride was the first ride for us three on mountain. So physically we were fit but mentally we were like drained out. Anyway, as the sun set I was planning to go for a round, Sanjay and Lazy Subhendu Agreed. We started from our guest house and barely reached a kilometre or two and were scared like hell. No Lights that is ok, but the twist and turns were too hot to handle. Our bike’s head light were just vanishing in those twists, was too much for a city rider for a day, so we decided to retreat. We didn’t get any signal on our phones so were concern too. We return to Gedu,find a road side tea stall. While having coffee we asked the local people about any kind of phone booth, but were denied. We were happy that finally we were free from the modern world and feeling like Lost. At the time of dinner we were able to contact our respected home. Those people at the guest house give us the first hint of how beautiful this country is. We head back to our room , was cold outside so slept early.


Road to Himalaya through the Tea gardens near Hasimara


Tea gardens near Hasimara railway station


On our way to Jaigaun


Indo-Bhutan Border gate..from Jaigaun to Phuentsholing


In front of RSTO of Bhutan, waiting for Vehicle Permit


Lunch @Phuentsholing…near RSTO


Civilization on the Riverbank of  Tista


Selfi time on the way to gedu with Sanjoy and Subhendu


Some schools on the way to Gedu


The beautiful Gedu city at night


Some Night ride @Gedu


Night @city heart of gedu


Celebrating first ever ride on Himalaya with some evening tea @Gedu with sanjoy and subhendu


Tea Time

Day 4:

Morning 5 am, when I look through my window, it was like heaven on earth. The moon is still shining bright, the sun has not come up yet, can see an unknown mountain covered with snow, and it was glittering with the early morning light. Can waste time on sleeping, so dressed up and move out with my camera. Clicked few, the city is still sleeping. Came back after half an hour, almost. Bros are still sleeping. Minutes I spent outside passed like seconds. So I decided to go for a small ride to see the locality. Gedu is a small but complete town. All facilities are available here. Moving along in the curve of this beautiful city was accompanied by sheep and horses some times. Rest of the time I was all along with my Trex. The well planed town, the beautiful nature around, the morning light makes my day. Splashes water on my face from some local stream wake me up a bit. After an hour and half of riding I came back and saw these successors of KUMBHAKAR’s are still sleeping. Wake them up all get ready by 9. Bijit Da was still packing his bags so Sanjay, Subhendu and me; we decided to go for a little off road adventure. We don’t have to search for a long find it in very near and did all the stuff we were planning. It was a small stretch off unfinished road to somewhere with little twist and turns, but full with rocks. We were so excited that we conquered it even before we realised we can.

Blood was running at the highest speed possible, adrenalin was acting as a booster, excitement was unimaginable. Life’s first off road adventure is done. Then we realised bijit da is still missing. Subhendu volunteer for the search. We find him still packing as the bike rolled over and he had to unpack and pack again.  We help him to do it quickly and move on. The roads are full with so many beautiful spot for photography, we became confused whether to ride or stop and click. Anyway  at a curve we decided to stop and click Gedu city from far away. It was so far that the houses and the college buildings were like few colourful dots in beautiful paintings. We easily make out the place from here, where we stayed, but were impossible to make out the place where we had tea last evening or today morning. Momo and noodles are the special foods, which are enjoyed in these mountains, and we started to enjoy it from today morning. The roads are very beautiful and well maintained here. Traffic is very less and well discipline. Don’t remember seeing a rash driving ever, surprisingly they don’t even blow horns, until and unless it’s absolutely necessary. We had to leave the high way and take a 20 km diversion through forest kind of area with less maintain road due to CHUKKHA HYDRO POWER PLANT project. Though the bypass was less maintained but still the beauty of forest and the village we passed by will fill your heart with beauty. Then again we speed up when we meet the highway.   After crossing the point, where roads parts away from HAA vally,Paro and Thimpu we stop at a place name Khasadrapchu towards Thimpu. We unexpectedly had Indian food there, serviced with a smile. We were overwhelmed by their behaviour.  Around 4pm we reached Thimpu. It is a modern city build on the bank and nearby Mountain of the river name Thimpu Chu     (Chu denotes river here). We stayed a hotel name Dragon next to this Thimpu chu.  As we reached early, decided to go for local side scene. Unpacked our bikes and headed to the main area of the city. The first point we saw after entering the main area is the memorial CHOTEN. It is very beautiful and very old and very beautiful too. After spending an hour there, with a lil help of a local people we reached the market are. The most crowded part of the city. As motorcycle is not a common thing there, we find the area for parking motorcycle clean and clear. We arrange a mobile sim card visited a hand craft fair nearby. Did some shopping, had KOKA (noodles) and tea and came back to hotel. At night we had our dinner at a restaurant, which didn’t make a good impression on us by its food. Came back to hotel, the room was very beautiful had a big window near to our bed; fall asleep by watching the city going for sleep through that window.


Good morning…. Gedu


Moonset before Sunrise


The Nature@Morning


Good morning to the Great Himalaya


Thimpu – Phuentsholing highway from Guest house and the Town’s central clock tower


Getting ready for Thimpu


Selfi… before leaving guest House @ Gedu


Gedu City a Glimpse


Gedu City,an another Glimpse


Gedu City from another mountain


Some Unknown fountain in the middle of no-where


Is that a UFO or just a cloud?


Selfi –time with Bijit Da, Sanjoy and Subhendu


A fountain 


Lunch break @ Khasadrapchu


Thimpu city from Hotel Dragon


Thimpu in Concrete mode


Choten at the heart of Thimpu


Inside the compound and in front of the Choten



Day 5:

Good morning woke up early, but all the possible way to go outside is close. Though of jumping out from the balcony, but had to stop myself because it’s almost two storied high from ground. Others were sleeping till now, but I was jumping around in the room to go out. Finally at 7 am I was able to say hello the beautiful Thimpu personally. Just because of the curiosity I start up hill riding on a road just next to our hotel. And after a few breadth taking twist and turns I reached near a statue of Lord Buddha, which is almost hugging the floating clouds. The view from there is breadth taking.  So after taking few random clicks, I decided to go back to hotel to come back with others. When we came back, it’s already became a bright sunny day. The 179feet high statue of was shining like gold as it was made of some golden colour material. The posture there was as if Lord Buddha is doing meditation. The people around here believe that Lord Buddha will take care of their people, so they reshape the mountain in such a way that from here we can see almost the every corner of the city. The area in front and around the statue was concreted for devotees to come. The work is still in progress, still as we hang around we felt like we were in a floating platform and looking towards the city as if it was way down to earth.  We took some group photos in that areas, but find very difficult to put the huge statue in one frame. After enjoying the heavenly atmosphere there we move on to see DOCHULA. On the way we saw the sky was turning from sky blue to deep black in a matter of moment. The weather on Mountains is unpredictable, and I guess that’s what makes it so beautiful. At the check post just 5 kms from Dochula we came to know that, we don’t have the permit to go Dochula or beyond. To go further, we have to issue a permit from Thimpu. But as i mention earlier, Bhutan is a country of very nice and simple people, we were lucky enough to see that once more. The lady at the check post allow us to visit the Dochula point and come back in an hour,if we submit all the documents at her.  Like a lucky opportunity, we agree with her and speed away towards the destination. We reached there a little faster than we expect.  Dochula is a point from where we can enjoy the beauty of the Punakha valley. It was almost cloudy, but we were lucky enough to see the higher Himalayan range in between sometimes, it was looking like someone has  drawn a with line in a dark painting. At Dochula we saw the 108 Choten at the centre, move around the place and click some photos here and there. A honeymoon Couple had fulfilled their desire of riding bike at Dochula together on my TREX. As the weather was turning bad there and as we committed to came down in an hour, we start to returns back to the checkpoint. On our way back we were greeted by some Royal Enfield from Karnataka registration. We also wave them back, as a gesture of good will.  Off Road riding is virus we riders are affected with, so whenever and wherever we get our chances, we satisfied ourself with riding on it. For example, coming back from dochula check point, we saw a stiff road going uphill somewhere, and we decided to ride on that. It was the stiffest road SANJAY, SUBHENDU, and I had ever climbed before in our entire life (till date). Sanjay take the lead, followed by SUBHENDU and experienced Bijit day and finally me. Unfortunately my TREX was stuck in between and I had to turn around from the halfway mark, rest of the team seems had reached at the top. On the way back to Thimphu we visited the Semtokha Dzong. It was a 400 year old building, till date it is used as school from Buddhist monks. As we enter the Gumpha, the hums of the ongoing classes, the architecture, the statues and all the other unknown things together creates an atmosphere as if we went back to centuries of the kings and horses. After enjoying few moments there, we rush back to Thimphu as we were very hungry. After searching for half an hour with empty stomach we were able to find a hotel with Indian cuisine. We planned to visit the Kings Palace in the evening, But as we went there expecting some museum or something, we find its restricted place. In the evening we spent our time at market only and with early dinner, we went back to bed very early.


Thimpu city from mountain Top


Another View of the city


Some House at the top


Another View of the city




In front of 179 feet tall Lord Buddha’s Statue


Lord Buddha’s Statue Under construction




Selfi with a part of the city


The Buddha statue from Far away…


On our Way to Dochula


A Monastery @Dochula Top


Dochula Top


Higher range of Himalaya from Dochula Top


 Memorial at Dochula Top


101 no of memorial at Dochula Top


Panoramic View of 101 No. of memorial at Dochula Top


Near Semtokha Dzong


Near Semtokha Dzong


Semtokha Dzong


Inside Semtokha Dzong


Superb Lunch in Thimpu market

Day 6:

Today’s Destination is Paro, but not directly, via HA valley and Chelela. We started in the morning biding good bye to Thimpu and its natural beauty, and headed towards the same place Khasadrapchu for breakfast. We celebrate the morning with Koka, tea and Amazing PT dance of mine. The beautiful ladies of the hotel joined us in the group photo, master mined by Bijit da (Blink)

The road to Ha valley, in the beginning was parallel to the Thimpu- Phuntshelong highway, but after a small turn it turn us to some where unknown place. We crossed many small villages, forest areas and after a final 80 km ride and soaked in rain we reached the helipad near Ha valley. At the Helipad we were acting as if the school kids suddenly found himself in a big open ground. We ran, take pics, do some special stuff with our respective motorcycle and then after almost half an hour we move towards the town’s main area. It’s a small but complete town. Its atmosphere is never less than the small town we use to see in Hollywood movies.  After having some tea and biscuit we moved towards the greatest portion of our motorcycle life. We have already gathered info about the place named Chelela, the highest motor able road in Bhutan 13000 feet from MSL. So we started our journey with full of excitement of achieving something for the first time in our life. The road is full of hair pin turns and twists surrounded by jungles. We were all alone riding together. We were warned about the wild animals in the area by the people of Ha valley. So we were little scared too. The more, we were going up, the more the forest becomes thinner and Thinner. And at the bone chilling (it’s already raining) height we were greeted by some YAK . I was little afraid because of the way it looks at us, the Yak. It seems we are the trespassers and it is the property owner. Then we saw a Notice at a turn and we were there …CHELELA. This is the first time for Sanjay, Subhendu and me in Himalayan Road, on motorcycle at this Height. Felt like at Top of the world. We just saw a flash of far side the Himalaya and then the weather turn ugly. But who cares man!! We were emotional then, started singing dancing and all what we can. It was raining, but suddenly Bijit da warn us that it not raining..it was snowing. We became mad then, not scared but happily. Then we all realised that we should move on, as it’s getting dark and start raining/snowing heavily. The trees nearby started to turn white, when we start moving. Sanjay and I fall behind a little to wear Gloves as the chilliness is beyond control now. The Roads are slippery and wet, it raining heavily, very difficult to see. As this is a dense forest are the humidity and wetness is much more than to bear. The fingers are not working, breaks are not doing its job, only resource is engine breaking and the wheels are skidding like hell. The road from Chelela to Paro is only 60km, but it has the max number of Twist and Turns we have ever imagine. The thing which looks exciting in map is actually more dangerous and adrenalin rush than we expected. We didn’t find any Shelter on that road and by the time we reach Paro, we went above all the chilliness and rain. We check in a new Hotel Name PHANDEY GHAKIL logde outside paro,towards Tiger nest aka Tuksung Monestry. The owners of the hotel help us a lot after saw us in this drenching condition. He even went to market to buy new room heater. We sat on the drawing room window and were recollecting what we did today with tea and packet of biscuit. Its raining outside and we can see the Paro Chu (river) is flowing with his full energy. Subhendu did a fair enough job to lead us from chelela to paro in this difficult situation. We were just thinking that just from a city rider to riding on this twisting hill of chelela, we have grown a lot as a motorcycle rider. Today morning when we started from Thimpu, we were just Bikers just exploring the countryside of this beautiful country, but after this awesome experience we think we can demand that we are not the biker anymore, we are Motorcycle Traveller, a rider .I guess our big brothers at RW saw that in us, so they allow us to get Lost and find our true self in the twist of Chelela. There is a saying something like you have never lived until you lived on the edges, we might not lived but we surely ride on the edges. Thank you to the big brothers of RW back at home. After having a nice Indian dinner at night we realised that the bikes gone be standing alone in rain. But we were too tired to think for an alternative option. So we leave it to the mercy of nature and went to sleep. Today we may lay on our bed early but find it very difficult to sleep, as the thing we been through today is an experience for life time. Good night.


The gateway of Thimpu City


@ khasadrapchu ,in a hotel for breakfast, selfi. With Prema and her Sister


Road to Haa valley


Mountain Top


Some landscape


@ Helipad near Haa valley


At Haa valley


Lunch time At Haa valley/town






And me..


From Hotel balcony @Paro


Celebrating the ride through Chelela pass. The highest motor able point of Bhutan as well as our life too.

Day 7:

Today is beautiful day, can see the beauty of the nature from the room’s window itself ,after having breakfast we have plan for some local sight scene. We started from our hotel to find a way to take the photos of plane landing and takeoff from PARO Airport. So first we have to figure out a way how to reach that bird’s eye view point, which we saw yesterday while coming from Chelela. We were little concern about our bikes as that suffer in the night long rain alone, but seems they were even more fit than us, starts in first kick. After a small sprint we reached the point from where we can see the airport as well, by the side of Paro Chu. It was a breadth taking view of the area, the airport is surrounded by high mountains, can see few monasteries here and there and the valley below consist of a runway and the airport. At the proper time we saw planes land and take off in an almost impossible way. It opens for an hour or so for a day, all the flights arrive and departure in that tight time schedule. Spending an hour there we move on towards TAKTSANG MONASTERY aka Tiger nest. Bijit da quit and went back to hotel due to some physical problems. The legend of Taktshang (Tiger’s lair) evolved form 747 AD when Guru Padmasmbhava chose a cave on a sheer rock face to meditate and, assuming a wrathful form, Guru Dorji Drolo, astride a tigress, subdued the evil spirits n the locality. Taktshang thus became one of the most important Buddhist monuments in the Himalayan Buddhist world. We parked all our bikes at the bottom and start our trek towards the nest, it’s a 4 km trek and elevation is around 700mtr from the surround valley. As we were climbing up we saw people were coming down, many from India, Bangladesh and so many countries. Time was passing by like a river. For us it’s like 1 min walk and 5 min’s of rest. The atmosphere and the colour of the surrounding were changing as we were going up. The road is un made and that’s make this monastery of difficult and unique.  All along the road we can see the destination but seems the road is never ending. We lie down on grasses, on the mud and where ever we can as the feet’s are not moving and became excess baggage for us. We never felt so embarrass by our fitness lever in our life. Subhendu and I were like feeling like to quit But Never quit sprit of sanjay by pushing and pulling helps us to reach the final turn. From here the surrounding looks like heaven. Those green mountains at the bottom and white at the top, the Paro Chu the houses it just like a hilly area of state called Heaven. When we reached the main gate we realised if there is a little bit of peace left in this world, its stored here. As the battery of the camera is down and the weather is not seems so blissful on use we came down at the earliest. Fear of the rain we reached at the bottom, but sky became clear and we saw the tiger nest shining at the lap of the mountain for the last time. On the way to Druggel Monastery we had our lunch in a local restaurant.

Same menu KOKA with Egg and Tea. On the way back to our hotel we get a long stretch of twisting and turning tarmac where we assume that we were riding on some international racing circuit. After that super trek and ride we came back to hotel but it take long half an hour to get into our room, as Bijit da had locked the main door and fall asleep inside the bedroom, which later became our topic of discussion in the evening. Later on that evening rain had started to fall heavily, we were little concern over our motorcycle which our hotel owner solved by putting had plastic over it . The rain storm has grown in strength. Tomorrow what’s gone happen if this rain continues? With that doubt we went to sleep.


An artist (Bijit Da) with an Instrument


Paro Airport from Bird eye view point


Traffic Jam @Paro Airport


Panoromic view of Paro Airport beside Paro chu


As usual…. Selfi


On Our Way to Dragon’s nest


The famous Taksang monastery aka Dragon’s nest


Taksang monastery


Taksang monastery..so close ..yet so far..


Exhausted on our way up to the Taksang monastery..


Tired but filled with energy and peace on our way down back Taksang monestry

Day 8:

The morning was not so good this time. It was continuously raining from last evening. We had plan to go down to Phuntshelong today. But seems we all had to delay that for a day. I look down from the balcony and saw all the bikes are covered with the hard plastics, as said by our Hotel owner Mr. Sonam Wangdi. Though this Hotel is just few feet away from the Paro Chu, still we were not able to see it as the surrounding areas are full of clouds and rain. It’s very irritating to sit in hotel room when u came to a new place, but i don’t have any wish to get wet in this rain. As the time passes by the rain starts to get lighter some time and the green trees at the far mountain has already became white in colour. It’s snowing at the top of the mountains. What does every colour looks like exactly and what are the different shades they can possible have, can only be found in either mountains or in deep seas. Bhutan has pleased our eyes with colour; fill our soul with peace and love of people. In last few days we have grown a lot, not physically but spiritually and mentally. On the afternoon Sanjay and Bijit da had decided to go out and Our Hotel owner has accompanied them with his Toyota helix. Subhendu and I have decided to stay back.

.With our Hotel Owner we went to a Museum first, It’s The National Museum. After Damage by a big earth quake, the old building was replaced by a new one. It has the collection of the artefacts and equipments which the soldier of this country use to use in war in old days and also it consist of many old written records and all. Bhutan was always a rich country in terms of culture and education, especially religious education and till date they are maintaining the same old tradition of being great as a society and as a country.

After been so lazy in the day times its time to pack our bags in the evening. Today is the last night in Bhutan. Tomorrow we will start our return journey towards home. Mr. Wangdi has treated us with some special today. It’s time to go to sleep again. A day less enjoyed.

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After a Night long rain..nature..before sunrise..

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Nature..after sunrise…


A Photo’s Photo…


Natural beauty with Thorn..


Good morning tea

Today is a bright sunny day, after taking few morning photos of the surrounding Hills we start our Journey towards Birpara, India. After reaching the main central of the paro city we realised that there is a bicycle race going on, from Thimpu to Paro. On the way back we encourage the competitors of the race to push harder and they also wave us back. At a turn on a hill we find few school children standing by the side of road and encouraging the competitors and we have take a fair enough share of the encouragement as we pass the same road on the opposite direction . The beauty of these roads are unparallel to any others, high mountains, different shades of greenery and the river flowing by the side of mountain, it’s hard to explain in words. After riding after 60-70 kms we again had KOKA and tea at some very small market. This was the last food we were having at Bhutan, so even while having foods also we were feeling emotional. After that we headed towards Phuentshelong . The weather of the mountains are truly unpredictable, sometimes it shines and the nature looks like heaven and sometimes when its cloudy, scared us by reminding the ride from Chelela to Paro. Anyway with this amazing colour contrast and watching breadth taking view of few fountains in the far side of hill we reached GEDU. And there we realised that the training of riding motorcycle on Hill is still not done yet. We were stunt when we reached Gedu, seems the city has vanished under the think white cloud. None of ours lights were able to go though that cloud and the road is very slippery here along with some 2000-3000 feet drop on the opposite side of the mountain. Only Sanjay has Fog light mounted on his bike. With the help of that we stared to progress slowly, in the white cloud it was becoming very difficult even to see the person sitting in front, forget about the traffic coming from opposite side.

We find a convoy of army truck and followed that and when the clouds get thinner; we overtake them and speed up. We have crossed nearly 8 kilometres in Fog, which has also became one of the most exciting and speechless experience we even had. We all have passed through the mountain fog, but never by motorcycle and riding on it. That white cloud, which blocked our path, actually opens our mind and upgrades us as a motorcycle rider. At the Phuntshelong check post we finally submit all our permits and went out from Bhutan through that king’s Door by which We enter into Bhutan 7 days back. The dream is over, but the mission is successful. Those 3 lads of Kolkata, along with an experience rider had conquered the mountains of the country Name Bhutan. There is some difference now as I said earlier, those there not Lads anymore who hang out with bikes. Those are now one step closer to become a Good rider now. Anyway As we moved towards Birpara,Bhaskar da arrange all the accommodation and food at there. We didn’t face any problem at there. In the evening we had our Bengali style adda at Bhaskar Da’s resident and then at Dalgoun railway station.  At night while lying on be we were just cherishing the memory of our Debut trip. Seems those are the best 7 days of our life.IMG_20150419_075208558_HDR

With the Hotel owner and our friend Mr. Sonam wangdi @paro

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Some beautiful landscapes on our way back..

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Some Roadside clicks..


Last Selfi in Phuentsholing @Bhutan


On Coronation bridge @Sevok


Forest Area @Duars


A halt to Listen to the sound of Silence@Duars

Day 10 and Day 11:

It was a good morning; we started early to enjoy the view of all the nearby forests of Duars area and the last glimpse of Himalaya. Crossing tea estate one by one, we seems realised what does the greenery actually means, honestly the shades of green can be truly visualizes once you been here, in these beautiful area Called Duars. We had our Breakfast at Chalsa. It’s busy market place area. We became the main attraction there as we were having bikes with bag packs and all. Few try to communicate with us and rest were looking at us as if we some illegal intruder in their area. On the one side there is dense Jungle and on the other, there is the great Himalaya, the highway in between goes through like a snake. We even in stopped in few places to enjoy the sound of silence and then after crossing Maal Bazar, Damdim and Odlabari we reached the view Point of Coronation Bridge, it’s the unofficially good bye point for us to Himalaya. We take many Snaps fulfilled our never ending quench of taking photo. Then we start to head towards Siliguri. Our plan was to bypass the main city and from Bagdogra we were suppose to take the NH31, but we miss the mark and head straight towards the naxalbari are via NH 31c. After crossing Panitanki and Batasi we realized our mistake and we came back to the highway near Kharibari. After that we speed up, next stop Dalkhola crossing. Finishing lunch at DalKhola we headed for the long off road stretch towards Malda. From Raigunj to Malda we had the same experience as we had while going to Bhutan. At Malda Town we got the shock of our life time, as the hotel our brothers use to stay in their previous rides turn via here turns into a Nursing home now. Anyway we were able to find a good hotel near bye and spent the night there. Next morning when I woke up, saw Subhendu is already up and looking through the windown, seems searching for something. He didn’t reply to me when I asked him. I know what he is looking for, the horizon elevated as the Himalayan Mountain, those green and snow cover trees, those rivers. But from here we can only see the jungle of concrete. We started early, bye the time of lunch we had reached Krishna Nagar. In Fulia Swarno Da meet us personally at his House. Ravan da had come from Kolkata to take us Home. Bye evening we all reach our respective home safely.


For us this is the beginning of our change, we have grown from a biker to a passionate rider. While going to Bhutan, we all were Four individual acting as a Team as we never ride together before for such a long time consistently .But when we came back from there We have already became a team . how i say so, because while going at a same speed the distance between the four motorcycle and the mental vibration was far and while coming its came so close that u might mistake it with just a single one. We all were quite on the last day, not that we were tired but that we gone miss this till the next ride comes. An invisible bonding has grown in between us. Those difficulties in road and weathers, Bijit da always giving advice for goods, Subhendu taking lead on the rainy day, Sanjay taking responsibility of the team in the foggy condition and I , don’t know that’s the part they can say, may be just been there with them always, make us brothers. Even Today when I woke up and go to the window, I still search for the horizon wit mountains and trees and river and most importantly peace. Subhendu and Sanjay admit that too. While coming back at the View point of Coronation Bridge, that as he has blessed us with good condition and good fortune to seen his creation of beauty, so we promise that we will be back soon in very near future. As the traveller goes home his unquenchable thirst for the unknown place does take a break though. Its keep on poking him until he pack his bags again and start his bike. We are now on that stage just waiting for a reason to go in Himalaya once again. Just got the test of adventure for first time..Ready for more..What say bro!!